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Bring a change to the way how we train our students with VR based industry oriented training sessions.

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Standard industry based content developed by Engineers for Engineers.

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Once we take over the stuff you dont need to worry about anything including the equipments , lab or content.

Freshers with 4 Year Experience

XFUE Labs is the latest service provided by Solare Technologies in the field of Engineering which enables Engineering Institutions train their students with industry based training using the latest VR technology.Our slogan for the whole process is Freshers with 4 Year Experience which translates to training students with the things that they will literally see after joining an industry.

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Why choose us

There are many unique factors which makes us standout in the industry.

  • Providers of industry standard content.
  • Proposals will include design and plan for a full fludged VR Lab setup
  • Placement assistance for students.
  • Will provide international certification.

Our Contents

We provide Industry standard content in various fields of Engineering which enables a student to secure a job in core Engineering fields with full confidence and with ease .Below given are some of our top rated training programs

Health and Safety

PPE Usage Training:Outside the formal classroom setting, we can create a virtual assistance training application on health and safety that would help trainees to improve learning content proactively and authentically.

Oil Rig

Compact Prover Startup Process:Compact Prover provides high accuracy,rapid calibration of a wide range of flow measurement technologies in an operational line.VR Compact Prover facilitates a solution for volumetric or mass meter proving and indicates calibration value in the tab in the user's field of view.

Chemical Plant

Furnace Startup Process:The process when the thermostat sends its signal to the furnace and the furnace gas valve opens and ignites the burner component beneath the combustion chamber, is comprehensive by field operators in Virtual environment by following stepwise instruction

Petroleum Plant

Reflux Pump Changeover:Reflux pump changeover is a VR training simulator software that focuses on operating procedure and training of field operators which can be used as basic work procedure for operational safety, control system familiarity and cooperative work.

Airport Hanger

Jet Engine Familiarisation:A jet engine is a type of reaction engine discharging a fast-moving jet that generates thrust by jet propulsion.VR technology familiarizes trainees with working principle and technology behind Jet Engine through detailed cross sectional view.

Automobile Workshop

Car Engine Familiarisation and Principles:The automotive parts of a car could be viewed by the student by being immersed in the virtual environment and learn the functionalities of each part in depth.

& Much More

Frequently Asked Questions?

Through these technologies, we recreate various processes and working of different machinery in various industries and give a sense of practical knowledge. For example, providing training in the field of oil refineries which would be beneficial especially for students pursuing chemical field.

We provide Virtual labs that use modern technologies like XR, VR and MR to help the youth gain practical knowledge about various industries.

Yes, of course! In this Pandemic situation, when everything is taught online, gaining practical knowledge is difficult. But we found the best solution to it. We use modern technologies to overcome the problem. In addition to it, we also provide a certificate to the students after completing the course which will help them in their resume.

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